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Everything that You Need to Know About Spoof Calls

















To put it accurately, a spoof phone call is when the caller uses a special kind of service that will cause the recipient's caller ID to show a name and number that is chosen by the caller. Caller ID spoofing services are offered by a number of web based companies for a very affordable price.


There is even one company that provides services that allows you to change your caller ID using a calling card and then they charged you by the minute. Voice changing and call recording are also some of the services offered by this certain company. What you need to do if you want to do spoof calling is to simply purchase a spoof PIN and you dial an 866 number, enter the phone number that you are calling from, followed by the number that you are calling, then the caller ID number that you want to be shown. Once all of these steps are done, the spoof call is made immediately and the recipient's phone will display the spoofed caller id.


Since caller ID spoofing is now legal in some countries, anybody can avail the services that are offered by web based companies through paying a reasonable amount for it. The companies will just keep an accurate record of all the spoof calls that are made and it will be stored privately, which means that the recipient will never really know who the real caller is. In fact, the phone bill of both parties will not even display the exact details of the call that has been made. Spoof call services are perfectly legal most of the time as long as you will not use it to misrepresent or defraud yourself. In case fraud cases happen, the companies that offer these kinds of services will definitely help and cooperate with the law enforcement to solve it. Most countries prohibit call recordings if it does not let the recipient know that the call is being recorded. Therefore, it would be best to check with your local government the legality of the actions that you are planning to do. Visit this website at and learn more about spoof calling.


Some of the people are actually wondering why anyone would prefer to phone spoof calls. Believe it or not, spoofing a number actually involves many legal uses. A doctor that is out of his office, for example, might decide to call someone from his cell phone but he wants the number to appear as if it comes from his office, or a telemarketing firm that wants one number to appear when they make calls from their call center.